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What We Offer

FAYN Freight offers the highest quality freight service to and from Jita servicing Fountain for the Imperium Coalition. This service stops in many regular stations and can even run custom orders and delivery locations, Subject to approval from a manager. 

Contract Size

The size of your contract will determine the price. We use a banding structure to value a contract.

Serviced Stations

FAYN Frieght currently services Jita and a a few location in Fountain please check which stations we deliver to below.

Custom Orders

On occasions we may undertake custom orders that do not meet our usual guidelines. These must be arranged with a manager.

No assembled containers!

The way in which we manage the freight we must not have any contracts with assembled items.

Valuable Moves

Moving valuable items in eve is super risky so for a standard order all contracts must not exceed 5 Bill ISK

Contract Details

Please allow 7 Days to accept and 7 Days to deliver on all standard Contracts.

How It Works

You create a courier contract to FAYN Freight (corporation) for 7 Days acceptance and 7 Day to deliver with the price set out using the pricing guide or calculator. Once our pilots are making a run they accept your contract and deliver your items upon completion of the journey.

Get an Estimate

To grab a quick estimate use the calculator at the top of the page for any standard order.


Custom Orders

If your order doesn’t comply with the standard rules and you want us to move it you can request a bespoke order. 



We get very busy very quick so please be allow us time to move your stuff safely. We will always aim to deliver within the 7 days.

Use the preferred choice provider for your hauling needs.

We will use our experience and knowledge moving items in and out of Jita to ensure your packages are delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

FAYN Freight has been operating for a long time in fountain and have developed a strong reputation for success and satisfaction. If this is your first time using us please let us know about our service your received 

[FAYN] Nikolas Calypso

Thanks for all the runs!

[GOTHT] Bodhi Wilson 

You guys are on the ball for real, best null freight service ive ever encountered by far… Can be a crap shoot at times, keep up the good work really appreciate it

[UC0] MrBrookes -IA- 

THANKS!! Amarr titan is now training :smiley:

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